Artists That Have Never Had A #1 Song

Some of the biggest artists in the world have never had a #1 hit on the Hot 100. Here are some that might surprise you:

1.  One Direction. They did get to #2 with "Best Song Ever" . . . and Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have hit #1 as solo artists

2.  Shania Twain.  "You're Still the One" hit #2, and that was her peak.

3. Missy Elliott. Her biggest hit was "Work It", at #2.

4.  R.E.M. Their biggest hit was "Losing My Religion", which made it to #4.

And that's just a START. There are 9 more artists/bands on this list and a few of them absolutely shocked me. INCLUDING a HUGE band we play on Cities97.1. There are also multiple Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame members on the list.


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