Paul Fletcher's New Podcast "Rank You Very Much" Is Available Now

Hey! It's me, Paul.

My new podcast is SUCH a load of fun. It's called Rank You Very Much.

Joining me are: former Kare 11 personality, Eric Perkins & the current Miss Minnesota, Elle Mark. What we do is......each bring one topic to each episode and then we each rank our Top 3 for that topic.

Since it's a show of rankings, here are the Top 3 reasons you should listen to Rank You Very Much:

  1. The episodes are short! Like 20ish minutes. And we release them weekly, on Tuesday's at 8am
  2. The content is super light and fun. It's not all heavy and overwhelming like.....well almost the rest of life
  3. We have tremendous chemistry. The 3 of us banter like siblings who've been in a car together for 10 hours. VERY rarely are punches pulled

Give a try, would ya? I truly think you'd love it. Oh and another thing.....I think part of what makes it so great is we take topics that totally aren't important and we treat them as if they're not only important but flat out sacred.

Rank You Very Much is available on the free iHeartRadio app as well as any place you get a podcast. In fact, here's a super simple link.......

OR CLICK HERE with a link to all platforms

Last but not least, huge thanks to Gray Duck Spirits

AND thanks to Walk Off The Earth for an amazingly cool original theme song

Paul Fletcher, Elle Mark, Eric Perkins

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