We Did A Tiny Cabin Weekend Getaway & Absolutely Loved It!

Last weekend was one of the best we've had together as a family......maybe ever.

It was SO relaxing.

We headed up to Kettle River, which is about 1:45 north, slightly east, of the Twin Cities. We stayed in this little "neighborhood" of tiny cabins, which is the property of Getaway House. They've got these tiny cabin communities across the country and, I believe, just recently came to Minnesota. We decided to give it a whirl and we're so glad we did.

The Kettle River community is about 15 minutes from 2 state parks and the same distance from other attractions along with eateries etc, if you don't want to totally rough it. Although, we did do dinner right on site. One night I just did simple hot dogs and brats over the open flame outside and Spencer baked beans inside on one of the burners in the cabin. (The amenities are great, you can go hardcore camping if you want, but there's also 2 burners, hot/cold water, toilet, shower, etc if you want to "glamp" a bit).

Bottom line is.....we didn't drive that far, but we completely disconnected. It was so incredibly peaceful. Really felt like we were getting lost out in the middle of nowhere, even though we really weren't. It allowed us to recharge and feel refreshed. And those state parks gave us some tranquil activity as well.

Overall, it was just a perfect weekend. We can't wait to do it again. It trumped some hotel weekend by a long shot!

OH and check out the stars. I know the photo doesn't do it justice, but I'm telling you, at our cabin......it was like someone went up into space and photoshopped the stars so they'd appear brighter.

It was stunning.

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