Domino's Pizza Has A New Delivery Plan

Domino's Pizza has a new promotion . . . but it involves YOU DELIVERING YOUR OWN PIZZA.  (???)

Domino's is apparently struggling to find pizza delivery drivers during the labor shortage . . . because they just launched a new program where they'll give you a $3.00 "tip" if you forgo delivery, and choose the carryout option.

This is a nice little bonus for people who USUALLY pick up their own pizza . . . and they're talking about it like it's a perk . . . but clearly they're trying to encourage more people to choose carryout over delivery.

The "promotion" runs from now through May 22nd. And it's simple: You place an online carryout order through the website or app, and claim the $3.00 tip. But it does NOT come off THAT order.  

Instead, they'll email you a code to use on ANOTHER carryout order the following week. So, you're getting $3 off . . . but you actually need to "carryout" TWICE, not to mention ordering Domino's twice within a couple of weeks.


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