New Songs You Need To Hear

What the heck, a collection of new or new-ish songs you maybe haven't heard.

Mckenna Grace is the young girl who stars in Ghostbusters Afterlife. Yeah, she's got some serious talent. She's all of 15 years old. We're listening to this HAUNTED HOUSE song nonstop in our house.

The Walters might sound familiar......cuz the song was released 7 years ago. Apparently no one cared. The guys went on hiatus, or maybe outright broke up, well thanks to TikTok the band has reunited and their song I LOVE YOU SO has new life.

Spoon......just released their second single from their upcoming album due in February. They headlined Basilica Block Party and they're one of the greatest bands ever.

The Imagine Dragons song, IT'S OKAY, has been out there for awhile, but I'm guessing you haven't heard it, unless you have their album which is possible. I love it. Favorite off Mercy Act. 1.

Consider this one a bonus. This one is a ROCK song. It's aggressive, it's gnarly, but it's cool.

Just dropped this morning from MUSE

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