Health Professionals Release A Video Please To YOU

Look, I don't care where you stand on this issue. Mask. No mask. Vax. No vax.

The one thing I KNOW with 100% certainty is these people know a HELL of a lot more than you or I about this COVID nightmare. If you can't admit that, then you're either oblivious, ignorant or just flat out stubborn to a fault.

With COVID-19 continuing its stranglehold on hospitals and the threat of the rapidly spreading omicron variant on the horizon, doctors and nurses in northern Minnesota are urging residents to get vaccinated.
"We're all tired. We're all exhausted," real doctors and nurses from the Northland say in a 30-second PSA released Monday. "Know that we’re still committed to caring for you. But we need your help."


(I couldn't embed the video, so just click above)

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