Google Trends Released Top 6 Thanksgiving Searches

Google Trends released a bunch of stats about Thanksgiving, and what people are searching for. Here are the highlights . . .

1. The most googled turkey-cooking technique is "smoked turkey." It's #1 in most states. "Roast turkey" is the most popular search in the Northeast and Hawaii. The only state where "fried turkey" tops the list is Louisiana.

2. The most searched pies in the past week are pumpkin, pecan, apple, sweet potato, and mud pie.

3. We're already thinking about leftovers. The top searches include "leftover sandwich," "leftover soup," "leftover pot pie," and "leftover egg rolls."

4. The most searched Thanksgiving drinks are sangria, apple cider, and punch.

5. A lot of people skipped a big Thanksgiving last year. So more people than usual are getting ready to meet the parents. The top "what to wear" searches include "what to wear to dinner with my boyfriend's family" and "what to wear to dinner with my girlfriend's family."

6. Only nine states are googling "Thanksgiving parade" more than "Thanksgiving football." The nine states are: Michigan, Illinois, Alabama, North Carolina, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. 

(Google Trends)

Also, thought this was pretty funny


  1. Is it rude to unbutton my pants BEFORE I eat?
  2. What time do the Detroit Lions lose?
  3. Why does grandma's house always smell like mustard?
  4. Is it okay to eat Jell-O salad that moves on its own?
  5. Does bringing an opened bag of Doritos count as a side dish?

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