You Can Stay In Carrie Bradshaw's SATC Apartment Through AirBnB!

Warner Bros. and Airbnb have painstakingly recreated Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone apartment, first immortalized in the early aughts HBO show, in honor of the upcoming sequel, And Just Like That.

The show’s signature star, Sarah Jessica Parker, is also getting in on the fun as a virtual host. Upon check in, there’s a virtual greeting from the actor, done in the narrative style of the character she made famous.

“The Carrie Bradshaw character is near and dear to my heart, and revisiting her world for the continuation of the Sex and the City story has been such a joy,” says Parker. “I’m excited for our audience to experience Carrie’s New York like never before and walk in her shoes, quite literally, for the first time.”

Booking for the Bradshaw apartment opens on November 8 at noon. It costs $23 dollars a night—a numeric ode to Sex and the City’s premiere date twenty three years ago—and is located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Check out the listing and read more from below.

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