The Northern Lights FINALLY Showed Up Last Night

I woke up last Saturday around 4:30am with hopes of catching even a little faint glow of the aurora borealis with no success. Turns out the whole weekend, which was expected to be quite a show, was a complete bust everywhere.

While I didn't see the lights last night and it sounds like it didn't really come this far south, it was pretty spectacular a few hours north.

The video in the link below is AMAZING.....some stunning footage from up in Grand Forks.

After the massive solar flare wound up busting big-time northern lights potential over all of Minnesota last weekend, another geomagnetic storm fueled by the sun led to a dazzling display of the aurora borealis Wednesday night through Thursday morning. 

It's unclear just how far south the spectacle was seen, but northern Minnesota definitely got a show. Numerous photos of the northern lights were sent to meteorologist Sven Sundgaard on Facebook and Twitter(see them below). 


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