"Grim Details" Released Of Baldwin Incident On Set Of "Rust"

I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I REALLY feel bad for Alec Baldwin. Sure he's come off as an arrogant dick a few times over the years. Who doesn't have those days/moments though? And maybe he is a complete jackwagon who deserves a punch in his grill. HOWEVER, until we actually KNOW he did something other than just making a tragic mistake, I'm going to feel for him.

Because I believe it's just a big giant accident.

I have wondered HOW this could've possibly happened and this story regarding the details of the search warrant sheds some light.

If we find out there was negligence or malice, I'll be the first to want this dude between bars. Let's reserve judgement til we find out exactly how this all transpired. So sad.


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