The "Dayton's Project" Set To Open Downtown Next Month

Who else is excited about this? Dayton's was a staple of my childhood. We couldn't afford to get EVERYTHING from Dayton's, but a few things. Nonetheless it brings up memories of school shopping with Mom and not even realizing we were making memories.

This version of Dayton's will have some 30 local vendors selling a variety of local goods

The Dayton's Project in downtown Minneapolis is set to open next month.
The long-awaited revamping of the famous downtown Minneapolis building will open to the public on Nov. 18. 
Called The Departments at Dayton's, the former Nicollet Mall department store will open with a maker's market of 30 vendors from across the state, "adding a spark of magic into Minneapolis and The Dayton's Project" this winter, the website says.


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