Minneapolis Shopping Bag Fee Is Back

I'm a BIG fan of this ordinance. Save yourself the costs that will accumulate over the years, just bring your own bags. We have to do something to reduce our use of plastic. This is a good start.

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Time to wash that tote. Minneapolis' 5-cent fee for shopping and carryout bags is back in effect, beginning Oct. 1.
State of play: The city ordinance that requires grocery stores and other retailers to charge customers who don't bring their own bags began in January 2020 — but the city delayed enforcement until now, largely due to the pandemic.
The measure includes a number of exemptions, including produce and flower bags, farmers' market vendors, and customers who receive benefits from federal and state food assistance programs.
The big picture: A growing number of cities and states have adopted policies aimed at reducing single-use plastics in recent years. But concernsabout germs during the pandemic slowed or paused implementation of many bans and fees across the nation.
Zoom in: Minneapolis and Duluth both had fees on the books as of 2020.
Efforts to enact a statewide fee have failed to muster support in the Legislature. DFL lawmakers supporting that proposal expect to introduce it again next year, a spokesperson told Torey.
The other side: Grocers and other retailers opposed the local fee push, citing concerns about enforcement and effects on businesses if shoppers head to other cities without them, such as St. Paul.
The bottom line: Want to avoid paying up? Bring your own bag.

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