Eric Perkins Signs Off Kare11 For The Last Time

When I first met Eric Perkins, I didn't know what to think. He's a truly unique individual and I had a tough time getting a read on him.

Thankfully we kept in touch, worked together a few times and, although I don't know him as well as so many in our local market, I've grown to love him deeply. I think it's safe to say we have a pretty great connection even if we don't know each other THAT well yet or see each other THAT often yet. I'm hoping that "yet" will change though.

Anyway, I can remember watching "Perk At Play" in the early days wondering what the hell this dudes deal was......turns out he just loved his job, loved sports and LOVES life. That's what his "deal" was. Kare11 was out nightly watch and they were quite lucky to have this dude for as long as they did.

For whatever comes next, please join with me in wishing Eric Perkins the best in whatever that is.

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