Everything You Need to Know for New Music Friday 7/16/21

Every Friday, Brianne and I like to highlight some of the best new music coming out each week. 

Let's start with John Mayer's first new full length, Sob Rock, in more than 4 years. Brianne is excited, to say the least.

Canadian stalwarts Barenaked Ladies are also back with their first full length in 4 years. Detour de Force is the kind of clever play on words one expects from BNL, but this first single is something of a surprise. It's very of the moment, socially and musically...and I freaking love the style of this video. I love this whole thing way more than I expected to.

And this one I'm just throwing in because I love to find things I've never even heard of before. Your Grandparents is an LA trio that seem to love that 90s R&B slow jam vibe.

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