Where and When to Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower

I love watching the stars. There are so many amazing, mind-boggling events that fill the night sky. The Super Flower Blood Moon, eclipses, the Northern Lights and so much more. Tonight marks the beginning of one of the most spectacular annual celestial fireworks shows - The Perseid Meteor Shower.

While it doesn't peak until early- to mid-August, even casual observers should be able to spot a truly incredible number of 'shooting stars' beginning over the next couple of nights. Here's how to watch:

Weather permitting, NASA recommends finding a place with a clear view of a large swath of the sky. On the peak mornings this year, moonlight won't interfere with the show, with the moon only in its waxing crescent phase and 13% full, guaranteeing the sky remains dark enough to spot shooting stars. 

Keep looking up,

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