Car Pulled From A Woodbury Lake Had Been Stolen In 1994

Photo: Woodbury Public Safety Department

A mysterious old station wagon was discovered submerged underwater by crews preparing to pull weeds in Colby Lake.

According to Bring Me The News, Police Commander John Altman said the car was found about 30-50 feet from shore. An inspector spotted the roof of the car while assessing the lake in a small rowboat.

"We weren't sure if it had been driven on the lake in the winter and fell through, or perhaps if it went in during the summer months, floated, and made the quarter turn to its resting point," Altman toldBring Me The News.

The car was pulled from the water on June 26 with the help of a dive team with the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Twin Cities Transport and Recovery.

The car was determined to be a red Pontiac Safari 6000 Wagon. That type of vehicle model was last manufactured in 1991.

"Windows were down on the car, and it was full of algae, dirt, slime, and a couple of fish. There were no license plates on the vehicle, and when the car came out of the water, we were not able to find a VIN due to the slime and sludge," Altman noted. He also added that because of the car's make and condition, the vehicle might have been in the lake since before the 90s.

According to an update, Altman said the car was reported stolen 30 years ago in 1991 in Inver Grove Heights.

With no other information, Altman added, "There's a chance records from that far back were purged."

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