An Amazing New Music Documentary: 'Summer of Soul'

Over the holiday weekend, I did something I haven't done in more than 18 months - I went to see an actual movie in an actual movie theater! And what a movie!!

I was flying solo and took myself to see Summer Of Soul. In the summer of 1969, there was a free multi-weekend festival in the heart of Harlem, NY. It featured some of the biggest names in Soul, R&B and Gospel. It was attended by tens of thousands of people every day. It was truly glorious. It was was filmed in all that glory, and then...the footage sat in a basement for 50 years. Genuinely unbelievable.

This film was absolutely dazzling. I cried, I clapped loudly after certain moments. I haven't felt that way during any movie in a long, long time. Sure, it's available on Hulu, but please, please, please go see this incredible film in the theater. Or, just see it. This movie is important.

And if you're interested in a little background, this is a project that was headed up by the amazing Questlove. Here he is to talk about what a treasure and incredible moment in time this doc represents.

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