Brianne's Song of the Day: 'Born Tired' by Jhene Aiko

Black Music Appreciation Month is here and iHeart is celebrating the music that pioneered the sounds we've come to love today, and also many of today's sounds. So we are highlighting some of our favorite African American artists.

Jhene Aiko may be one of the most unique and talented artists currently, I have been following her career since the start and there's nothing quite like seeing someone you respect and admire get the recognition they deserve.

Her message of unapologetic self acceptance and expression is why she resonates with me and so many others. Her soft tones that she takes on vocally and musically are exclusive to her.

And her lyrics always read like a diary confession, which is what makes it so relatable and wonderful:

"Cause look at how far you have come
And look at all that you have going
Look at who have become

Baby, you gotta keep going

Ooh-oh, rest your weary heart
Dry your teary eyes
I know you are scarred
And torn apart inside

Inside, inside, inside
Darlin', so am I, so am I"


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