Oake Just Booked His First Festival Trip In Years!

Let's face it, the lockdown has taken its toll on all of us. So much FOMO! But I think it's also provided us with some much needed perspective, reminding us of the things that really matter to us. Spending time with loved ones, getting out and, for me, seeing live music!

Yesterday, I did a thing that felt so crazy and free. I booked and Air BnB in Pasadena, CA and bought airline tickets to go see a massive music festival next spring! I'm so excited!! And just check out this line up!

You may be masking yourself 'what year is this?!?', and you're not wrong. Seems like 1983, right? Well, all of these bands are alive and kicking. So many bands that I truly love, all on one day. Cruel World was originally scheduled for Spring 2020, but was indefinitely delayed due to COVID-19.

Well, it's back on track and coming to the Rose Bowl early next year! I can't wait!! I love having something to look forward to.

Here's to hoping you all start getting back out there and living life. Cheers!! - Brian

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