TIGER KING's Jeff & Lauren Lowe Arrested For DUI [MUGSHOTS]

My favorite part of this whole story is in the very first couple words......"star" <eye roll>

These people are largely deplorable and disgusting, not "stars"

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren have been arrested in Oklahoma City for driving under the influence, a representative for the police department confirms to PEOPLE. 

Jeff, 56, and Lowe, 30, were booked around 4 a.m. on Saturday, both for DUIs. Jeff was additionally charged with changing lanes improperly. 

According to a copy of the incident report obtained by PEOPLE, officers spotted a white Range Rover pulling out of a parking lot, driving over a curb, and then stopping abruptly. At this point, police say Lauren got out of the driver's seat and switched places with Jeff, who then took over driving. 

When police pursued the car, they claim Jeff made an illegal lane change before pulling over. According to the report, both Jeff and Lauren were exhibiting slurred speech and "a strong odor commonly associated with the consumption of an alcoholic beverage" on their breaths.


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