Who Is The 2021 iHeartRadio Awards' Best New Rock/Alt. Rock Artist Powfu?

The winner of the 2021 iHeartRadio Awards' Best New Rock/Alternative Rock Artist, is probably one you've never heard of, yet you've probably heard part of his song somewhere on the internet.

Powfu (Pow-Foo) is the working name of Isaiah Faber, a 21-year-old, Canadian musician, who found a beat on Soundcloud, added his own raps to it, and subsequently became a Gen Z anthem. 

From the CBC, "Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)" takes a sample from the 2017 song "Coffee" by U.K. indie pop artist Beabadoobee...it has since accumulated hundreds of millions of views and become a viral song on TikTok, where it has been featured in five-and-a-half million videos, earning billions of plays.

That success earned Faber a record deal with Columbia Records and, as of June 13, netted him a No. 1 song on the Billboard hot rock & alternative songs chart. 

Here on his Genius video, he breaks down more about his hit song:

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