WATCH: 13 '90s Food Commercials We Still Think About

If it's not clear by now, the one thing that I love the most is a good throwback moment. From the revival of snacks from the past to reliving my Saturday morning youth with forgotten-about cereals, there's truly nothing that excites me more than all things '90s.

But don't think that '90s kids are the only ones who hold these commercials near and dear to our hearts though. Adults of the '90s—even if they won't admit it—found joy in them, too. And while you probably haven't seen these commercials in over two decades, I'm almost positive that you still think about them from time to time. Even more, they'll probably make you feel the same way you initially did if you saw them again today. Or, at the very least, give you something to share with your friends on "The Facebooks."

At any rate, here are 13 food commercials from the '90s for you to take a trip down memory lane with.


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