NOSTALGIA: 10 Cereals You Completely Forgot About

As the self-proclaimed Queen of Nostalgic Things here at Delish, I feel I can confidently represent the '80s babies and '90s kids when I say we love a good throwback food item. From the revival of Dunkaroos to Trix Yogurt, there has truly been no shortage of nostalgia in the food space of late, and honestly, I am not mad at it!

Found amongst that list of throwback things that us '90s kids love (or maybe just found on my list) is a slight obsession for what used to be the best part of our Saturday morning—a big bowl of sugary cereal to accompany cartoons. While many of our favorite sweetened corn and oat breakfast items have made a brief return in recent years—both the Ghostbuster-inspired cereal and Waffle Crisps hit shelves again earlier this year!—and some have been accessible this whole time, there are still a few that haven't been seen in years. That doesn't mean, however, that they don't deserve to be.

Here are 10 cereals that need to make a comeback as soon as possible.

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