Angry Customer Exchange At Menard's In Buffalo Over Masks

I'm just going to say it. I'm SO tired of this argument. This buffoon. He doesn't make one rational argument on behalf of himself.

Bottom line, it's not about your high and mighty political views or what YOU perceive as your rights.

It's about every single private business has the absolute right to require masks. Stop bitching and acting like a child or go away. It's that simple.

How do people not grasp this nearly a year and a half into this garbage?

YEAH, it sucks. YEAH, masks are annoying, BUT guess what? It's not about you. And it doesn't matter, if you want to be served, put on a mask. It's really that simple. Sort of like no shoes, no shirt, no service. It's the EXACT same thing. THEIR call. Not yours.

Holy hell, I'm exhausted.

I do have to give it to him though.....the "I own stock in Menard's" line was pretty classic, albeit completely irrelevant.

On the same day that the CDC changed its face mask guidance and Gov. Tim Walz announced Minnesota would be lifting its mask mandate, an angry exchanger over face masks happened at a Menards checkout.
Video of the incident was shared to Facebook by Laura Therese, who was waiting in line behind a man and woman who were at the till at Menards in Buffalo, Minnesota.


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