One Giant Company Closing At MOA & Another Giant Opening

While one giant is closing and leaving MOA another is opening this weekend

The closure isn't completely unexpected. Disney has been teaming up with Target on mini-stores in dozens of Targets in the U.S. and in early March Disney said it'd close 20% of its brick-and-mortar locations by the end of the year as it shifts its focus to e-commerce for online shoppers.

I realize what the above excerpt says, but it also says 80% will remain open. I'm pretty surprised the MOA location is one of the 20%. You'd think as a tourist attraction that would be one they'd want to keep open.


As the Disney Store goes away, the new M&M's store will be opening. Not sure this is a trade I'd make, would much rather have Disney there, but that's not reality.

This will be only the 6th M&M's store in the world

Candy giant Mars Wrigley is returning to its roots with its new 24,000 square foot M&M's store on the Bloomington megamall's first floor (east side) near the Rotunda on Mall of America on Saturday, May 1, a news release says.

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