Would You Buy An Apple Car?

Do you want Apple in the car business? I LOVE our Apple products. I have a MacBook Pro which succeeds a iMac that served me for over 10 years. Phones have always been great. Kids have iPads. Everyone can use them, they integrate into life so simply.

But would you buy and drive an Apple car? Does that confidence, if you share my opinion that is, does that confidence transfer into a car?!

Well, it sounds like it's close to becoming officially official.

According to a report todayfromThe Korea Times, Apple is apparently close to signing a deal with the joint automotive venture of LG and Magna, currently named “LG Magna e-Powertrain.”
The contracts would supposedly see the LG and Magna International venture produce the initial rounds of Apple Car production. Apple is currently expected to introduce its own electric vehicle in 2025 at the earliest.
The partnership of LG and Magna is expected to complete later this year, apparently with Apple as a primary client.


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