Stouffer's Introduces "LasagnaMac"

So, apparently food combos is a thing.

Now, I will not argue, this looks REALLY good. BUT I have a new question I ask myself before decided to eat anything that's.....not ideal from a health standpoint.

"Is it worth it?"

Given this dish will be LOADED with sodium, fat and carbs.......I'm going to have to say this would NOT be worth. I think it's one of those things that looks better than it actually is. Although, again, it does look pretty good.

I'll still pass.

Who has time to eat a lasagna and mac and cheese separately?
Food combinations is a trend that has recently taken the culinary world by storm. While condiment companies have been filling containers with different sauces and toppings, the world of microwave dinners is about to get combo-ed.
In a press release, Stouffer’s announced a new microwave dinner that combines lasagna with macaroni and cheese. The new dish, called LasagnaMac, will be exactly what it sounds like: a lasagna with a layer of mac and cheese in the middle.
Stouffer's describes it as the "ultimate comfort food."


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