Fans Think Taylor Swift Hinted That '1989 (Taylor’s Version)' Is Next

Taylor Swift guested onThe Late Showlast night and the segment was a bit of a throwback for Stephen Colbert for a number of reasons. One was that he revived an old claim of his that Swift’sFearless track “Hey Stephen” is about him, and another is that Colbert was basically in character for the conversation (like he used to do on The Colbert Reportway back when), as the whole interview was a bit about “Hey Stephen.” As for Swift, fans believe that she dropped a number of hints that her next re-recorded album will be1989 (Taylor’s Version).

During the interview, Swift made references to New York City (1989of course leads with “Welcome To New York”), referenced “Shake It Off,” mentioned1989directly, and seemingly gave other hints. Fans got to work decoding the interview and they’ve come up with some findings, which don’t seem too outlandish given Swift’s love of sending Swifties on Easter egg hunts.

Some fans noted Swift’s vision board of Colbert features eight hearts and nine stars, which could be a visual representation of ’89 (so1989). The poster also features a seagull, which may be a reference to the seagull-covered shirt Swift wears on the1989album cover. Furthermore, at one point during the interview, Swift starts to reveal Colbert’s social security number but gets cut off after saying just “33035.” The digits of that number add up to 14, and since May 14 is a Friday, some believe that is when the first single from1989 (Taylor’s Version)will be released.


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