Avengers Campus At Disney's California Adventure Set To Open

We, as a family, just got into Marvel within the last couple months. I mean, my wifey has always been into it, but the rest of us just did. I mean, really got into it.

You want proof?!

How's that for proof? That's my new favorite hoodie.

Anyway, with us, as a family, getting into Marvel so late......most of the "hot" toys and collectibles are long gone.......cuz I mean it's been a minute.

HOWEVER, the timing on this couldn't be BETTER.

Disney's California Adventure is set to open the "Avengers Campus" on June 4th and now I'm pretty certain we need to book a vaca to Disneyland. I mean it's a must. Chance to catch a glimpse of Thor in the flesh. Wonder if he'd be nice to me? Or belittle me because I'm not a God?! OR maybe we can chug a beer together. More importantly, could bump into Black Widow.

Okay, here are the particulars about the Avengers Campus......CLICK HERE

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