Survey Says Kids Are Cleaning More Than Ever?

Are your kiddos helping out around the house more than ever? It’s no secret that the pandemic put most families into hyper-drive when it comes to overall cleanliness. Now there’s data to back up what you’ve suspected over the past year-plus.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of SC Johnson, more than half of Americans believe the pandemic has had a positive effect on their cleaning habits. Beyond that, the data shows families are cleaning together more than they were in the pre-pandemic days.

The survey, conducted between Feb. 10, 2021 and Feb. 16, 2021, included 2,000 adult participants aged 18 and up. The findings show Americans are now spending more time than ever cleaning their homes, which equates to an average of six hours weekly!

Alan VanderMolen, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at SC Johnson, said in a press release, “At SC Johnson, our goal is to create a healthier world by educating and enabling people on cleaning and hygiene so that they can respond to this pandemic and future public health threats.” VanderMolen added, “We are encouraged to see families are working together to improve and maintain their cleaning habits because healthier homes create healthier communities and a better world.”

Not only are they spending more time cleaning, American adults are also more satisfied with the cleanliness of their home. The poll shows a whopping nine out of 10 of people surveyed feel their efforts have paid off in cleanliness.

When it comes to kids and cleaning, 44 percent of parents say their kiddos help more to clean now than they did before the pandemic. Seventy-one percent of these parents also expect their children to keep up the cleaning efforts from now on!


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