Kindergarten Teacher's Virtual Field Trip to the Zoo Melts Hearts [VIDEOS]

He’s teaching kids the wild things.

Garett Talcott, a kindergarten teacher in Washington, has social media feeling as fuzzy as wuzzy the bear thanks to a viral TikTok video of him taking students on a virtual field trip to the zoo. 

“We learn something new everyday friends,” Talcott, 31, tells his class of 28 remote learners through a laptop during a lesson on penguins at the Woodland Park Zoo near Seattle. 

In the heartwarming clip, which has garnered over 800,000 views on TikTok, Talcott walks around the wildlife park, teaching his at-home pups about the natural habitats of exotic animals from around the world. 

“This is a great trip,” one excited student barks in a second clip as Talcott digitally escorts the children from the tapir exhibit to the rhino’s nest to the orangutan’s lair. 


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