Randy Moss Shares Story Behind The "Fake Moon" At Green Bay

It has been more than 17 years since Randy Moss infamously pretended to moon Green Bay Packers fans during a playoff game at Lambeau Field, but fans never seem to grow tired of talking about the incident. Now, we have even more context for the fake moon.

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer shared a video on Twitter on Saturday that showed an enthusiastic Moss discussing the events that inspired him to pretend to mock-moon Packers fans in 2004. Moss, who pulled the stunt after scoring a game-sealing touchdown in a playoff game, said he was heckled relentlessly by Green Bay fans for not playing in either of the two regular season meetings between the Packers and Vikings. Green Bay won both games easily.

Then, as the Vikings’ bus arrived at Lambeau Field for the playoff game, Moss says several Cheeseheads mooned the team bus. He couldn’t wait to return the favor following his big play. His entire recollection is worth listening to:

Joe Buck called Wild Card game for FOX, and he referred to Moss’s fake moon as a “disgusting act.” Many have said Buck went overboard, especially since Moss didn’t actually pull his pants down.

Moss clearly has no regrets about the incident, which is something he hasalso expressed in the past. He seems to love the way it is now ingrained in football history. That became obvious a few years ago withthe way Moss reacted to Odell Beckham Jr. fake mooning him.

AND, if you, for some reason, don't remember the moment.......here you go.

BUT you probably do and just want to watch it again :)

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