Fla. Woman Posing As Plastic Surgeon Arrested After Botched Nose Job

A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly posing as a licensed plastic surgeon after she botched a man’s nose job. 56-year-old Alcalira Jimenez De Rodriguez was in the middle of performing another procedure on Thursday when Doral Police officers nabbed her mid-surgery.

Investigators began probing Jimenez De Rodriguez last month after a former patient contacted them about his messed-up rhinoplasty. The man, identified by local outlets as Vincenzo Zurlo, said he paid $2,800 for the surgery, which had to be repeated because his nose wasn’t healing properly.

Even after the second procedure, the man said his nose was still deformed. He asked Jimenez De Rodriguez for her medical license number and her medical malpractice insurance information — but she refused to give it. Investigators said they were able to confirm with the Florida Health Department that Jimenez De Rodriguez wasn’t licensed to practice medicine in the state.


Another example, albeit very extreme example, of why I'm a big fan of just playing the cards your dealt.

Sure I'd like more hair on my head, it sucks that the hair has moved from my head to my arms and back and apparently ear lobes (WTF?!).

There are lots of things I'd fix about myself, BUT I was made this way. So I just do the best I can with what I got. Instead of having some complete nutjob, fruit cup, pose as a plastic surgeon and operate on me!!!! Holy hell.

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