A Bunch Of STAR WARS Rarities Are Coming to Disney+

Star Wars fans who also happen to beDisney+ subscribershave a lot to look forward to in April. The streaming service recently revealed the list of titles debuting next month and, while it isn't surprising to see Star Wars on the list, the specific selections are noteworthy.The additions not only include the originalStar Wars: Clone Warsanimated series from 2003, but we are also getting both Ewoks movies and a particularly important part of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Namely, the animated short that served as the introduction of Boba Fett.

All of theseStar Warsrarities will be hitting Disney+ on April 2nd.These relics of the past will finally be available on a major streaming service for fans to revisit. Or, in many cases, certain fans may have the chance to see them for the first time. And likely better quality versions of these shows and movies than are currently available elsewhere.

Though not considered canon, two made-for-TV movies centered on the Ewoks, who we met inReturn of the Jedi, were produced. 1984'sCaravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, was first. It was followed by a sequel,Ewoks: The Battle Of Endor, in 1985. Both movies have long been largely forgotten by Lucasfilm. They were mostly only available to those who still had VHS copies from back in the day. Not only are the movies coming to Disney+, but the two-season animated seriesStar Wars: Ewoksfrom 1985 will be streaming as well.

Next up we have Genndy Tartakovsky'sStar Wars: Clone Warsanimated shorts. The 2D series debuted in 2003 and took place during the height of the Clone Wars, much like the CGI series that arrived in 2008. These shorts have been highly regarded ever since their debut. However, they are not available on a major streaming service currently. That makes the addition a big one, especially since it will provide a way for new fans to discover them.

The most surprising addition is an animated short calledThe Story Of The Faithful Wookiee. It was originally included as part of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired only once in 1978. It was so bad that George Lucas did his best to scrub it from existence. But bootleg copies of it have been in circulation over the years.This animated short does have significance though as the bounty hunter Boba Fett, who later appeared inThe Empire Strikes Back, made his debut in animated form. Given his status as one of the most popular characters in the franchise, it is a significant piece of Star Wars history.


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