SO, Do You Go "St. Patty's" Or "St. Paddy's"?

Today's St. Patrick's Day, but obviously saying its full name takes too long.

So when you shorten it, which one of these do you go with: St. Paddy's Day, with two D's . . . or St. Patty's Day, with two T's?

According to a new survey, 49% of Americans go with the T version, 29% go with the D version, and the rest aren't sure.

People with Irish heritage are more likely to use the D version, which makes sense . . . the D version is the original, authentic Irish abbreviation.

The patron saint of Ireland is St. Padraig, which has a D in the name. In English, the name is St. Patrick, which is where the T's come from. 


(On a related note, a studyranked all 50 states from most to least Irish. Most of the top states are in the Northeast, like you'd expect. Hawaii is the least Irish.)

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