What Food Could You Not Live Without?

So I guess technically, the reason we eat food is to live. But the reason I eat entire gallons of ice cream and drink jugs of gravy is to REALLY live.

A new survey asked people what foods they absolutely couldn't live without.

The top 10 are: Mac and cheese . . . butter . . . pizza . . . milk . . . bread . . . bacon . . . pasta . . . cheese . . . burgers . . . and peanut butter.

The survey also found we're willing to go through some PAIN to eat our favorite foods.

60% of people say they sometimes wake up with a "food hangover" because of what they ate the night before.

And two-thirds of people say they'll eat a food they love even if they have an allergy or intolerance to it . . . like someone who's lactose intolerant will still put down a block of cheese once in a while because it's worth the pain. 

(SWNS Digital)

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