Minnesota Timberwolves Reach A Franchise ALL TIME LOW

After the Timberwolves lost to the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, the team reached the top of a list no one wants to be on: They are the worst franchise in American pro sports.

That's according to a reddit user who tracks regular season winning percentages of major sports franchises— an odd outlet to be counting wins — which says the Wolves now have a .39307 all-time winning percentage.

  • The ranking drops them just below the Tampa Bay Bucs for major sports teams.

State of play: The Bucs, of course, upped their winning percentage after their 2020-2021 Super Bowl run.

  • Meanwhile, the Wolves are 7-28 so far this season.

Wolves fans won't be surprised by this news. The team has made the playoffs just once since 2004.


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