Drew Barrymore Explains How BRIDGERTON Got Her Back On Dating Apps

Drew Barrymore lovedBridgertonso much that it inspired her to try her luck at dating apps again.

“Of course I realized that I associated Bridgerton with getting on a dating app and then went and got on the bull horn about that here on [The Drew Barrymore Show],” Barrymore, 46, said onThe Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday, February 23. “And then I was like, ‘People are going to think it’s the tawdry sex that got me all hopped up and back on a dating app.’ It wasn’t that.”

TheCharlie’s Angelsstar continued,“It was this weird relenting to the fact that I’m probably not going to meet someone in some old-fashioned way. I’m not really aggressively looking, but watching this old-fashioned show was weirdly this keyhole entry point for me to accept the modern world because I am so old-fashioned.”

When host James Corden asked what qualities she’s looking for in a potential suitor, she stressed that being “funny” is of the utmost importance. “I just want to laugh. That’s always been my big criteria — funny, funny, funny,” she explained. “I love humor, it’s my survival guide. And I can’t get rid of my sense of humor. I laugh at everything, I love laughing. So, funny is my favorite quality in any person.”

The Flower Beauty creator also noted that the age cutoff “is hard” because “some people are, like, 40 going on 2 years old and some people are 2 years old going on 40.”

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