2 Mpls Restaurants Are On Yelp's 'Top 100 Places To Eat' List

I don't do sushi, so Momo is out for me, but my wifey and I were just talking about Boludo the other day. NOW, we simply MUST try this.

I mean.....<gulp> look at this beauty.......that's just sexy......

Two of the hottest restaurants in the country can be found in Minneapolis, based on a survey of Yelp reviewers.
The business directory and review site has released the results of its 8th annual"Top 100 Places to Eat"rankings, with Boludo and Momo Sushi making the list.
The rankings are put together based on the feedback from Yelp users who were asked in December to "tell us about their favorite restaurants."
Boludo ranked 69th nationally, with theArgentinian pizzeria and empanada specialistson Nicollet Avenue in Kingfield attracting huge plaudits since it was opened in 2018 by chef Facundo DeFraia.


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