Gwyneth Paltrow Details Secret COVID-19 Battle & Her Lingering Symptoms

Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about her quiet battle with the novel coronavirus and how she has worked to recover.

In a new post via her Goop website, the Oscar winner shared how “cleaning up” aspects of her life improved her well-being after she “had COVID-19 early on” in the pandemic.

“It left me with some long-tail fatigue and brain fog,” the entrepreneur, 48, wrote on Tuesday, February 16. “In January, I had some tests done that showed really high levels of inflammation in my body. So I turned to one of the smartest experts I know in this space, the functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole. After he saw all my labs, he explained that this was a case where the road to healing was going to be longer than usual.”

Paltrow said that her coronavirus recovery journey has benefited from her adhering to a “flexible” variation of a ketogenic and plant-based diet.

“I’ve been cooking a lot, and some of it is really delicious,” she explained. “I made scallops with crispy capers and sage the other day, asparagus with bacon vinaigrette, and some little artichokes with stuffed herbs and garlic. I’ve even found a great sugar-free kimchi (Madge’s vegan daikon kimchi — it’s amazing) and a sugar-free kombucha, and I’ve been using lots of coconut aminos in my recipes.”

Through her revamped health regimen, the wellness guru’s condition is in a much better state. “Everything I’m doing feels good, like a gift to my body,” she continued. “I have energy, I’m working out in the mornings and I’m doing an infrared sauna as often as I can, all in service of healing.”


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