Shocking Video Shows Fireballs Zipping Along Frozen Power Line

Shocking footage shows a ball of electricity zipping along a frozen Louisiana power line amid the deadly winter storms barreling across the South.

The now-viral video was recorded by a bystander in Kenner, but wasposted to Twitterby NBC outlet WDSU on Monday — and it has since racked up 4.1 million views in less than 24 hours.

“I’ve never seen electrical lines do that,” plumbing store ownerChris Fitzmorristold WWLTV of filming the wild event.

The electrifying 40-second clip, which was recorded near the aptly named Power Boulevard, shows two fiery blue orbs racing across power lines likeLivewirefrom “Supergirl.”

Fitzmorris compared the spectacle to watching “a roadrunner run from a lightning strike.”

The electrifying phenomenon was sparked by a downed transformer, which caused the power to surge near the outage, local TV outlets reported. Traffic was reportedly shut down in the intersection as workers scrambled to repair the malfunctioned wires.

Check out the original full-length clip below:

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