3 TikTok Features All Parents Should Know About

It’s hard being a parent these days – especially with so much technology put in the hands of children and teens.This is especially important withTikTok, as a majority of users are in younger age groups.To help parents keep their teens’ use of its app both safe and enjoyable, TikTok has a host of parental features for them to use.

Here are three of these Family Pairing features that let parents link their TikTok account to their teens’, enabling several,content, and privacy settings.

1.Screen time management

With Family Pairing, parents are able to set limits to how long their teens spend on TikTok every day.This provides them with a “balanced online experience.”

2.Setting comment filters

Parents are able to choose exactly who is allowed to comment on their teens’ videos – friends or no one – giving parents more control over who can engage with their teen on the platform.

3.Direct messages

Commenting is only one part of the engagement with a profile.Not only can parents restrict who can comment on their teen’s videos, but they can also manage who can send them direct messages.The alternative is to turn off direct messaging entirely.

Direct messaging will be turned off by default for users that are under 16, and images and videos that are off-platform can’t be sent in messages.

All these features can be found in TikTok’sSafety Centerand have been significantlyexpandedwithin the last year or so.

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