STUDY: America's Most Liked & Most Disliked Pizza Toppings

When it comes to pizza, toppings are incredibly important. No matter how good the crust and sauce are, it doesn’t matter if a terrible topping is added to the pizza.

A new survey says that it has determined America’s least favorite pizza topping, according to a post The results are based on a poll that included 6,000 adults from the United States.

According to the results, America’s most disliked topping is anchovies.The small fish has a big taste and is often the butt of bad-pizza-topping jokes. While people not liking anchovies on pizza may not be surprising, the survey also revealed several other unpopular pizza toppings.

While 61% of respondents said that they don’t like anchovies on pizza, 52% also said that they don’t like eggplant on pizza. Artichokes were the third least popular topping, with 44% of respondents saying no to them.

Broccoli was the fourth most disliked topping and pineapple came with fifth with 35% of respondents saying no to pineapple on pizza(sorry, ‘ham-and-pineapple’ fans).

Meanwhile, Pepperoni is reportedly the most popular topping with a 64% approval rating. That was followed by sausage, mushrooms, extra cheese and then onions.

The survey also determined that thin crust pizza is slightly more popular in the midwest and western parts of the United States, while the eastern area of the country has a slight preference for the regular style crust. Apparently, only about one-in-five responded that they prefer deep-dish pizza.


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