Vibe-Killing Foods To Avoid On Valentine's Day

Check this list of foods to avoid on Valentine's Day.....that might "kill the vibe"'s basically everything. Hahahaha.

Have a celery stick and some water......or just find someone who'll put up with bad breath or some farts.

Here are the "Cliff's Notes".....

The list of foods to avoid might seem daunting, but it really comes down to a few basic principles. Avoid the following things:

  • your typical bad-breath culprits
  • eating too much fiber
  • food high in saturated or trans fat or sugar
  • excess booze and bubbles
  • anything that may trigger preexisting conditions, such as acid reflux or chronic inflammation

Look to whole, minimally processed food and ingredients that will stimulate blood flow, such as “potassium-rich squash, flavonoids and nitrate-rich foods,” DeLozier recommended. A heart-healthy menu ought to do the trick, and for this special night, it’s more than just coincidentally apropos.


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