Angry McD's Customer Rips Off Employee's Mask Over Breakfast Burrito[VIDEO]

I hate myself for even posting this......because it's just garbage, but let's allow this a reminder of how NOT to behave.

I realize this pandemic is getting to people.....BUT before you interrupt my typing......hahaha.....IT'S NO EXCUSE TO BE A COMPLETE JACK ASS. There's no city, state, country, world or realm where this acceptable. Embarrassing moron is what it is. I don't care WHAT the circumstances were. I hope she doesn't have children.

Props to both McD's employees shown for keeping their cool.

Just wow.

I mean, if for no other reason, remember there's probably someone behind you with their phone running.

An angry McDonald’s customer is getting grilled on social media after footage captured her appearing to assault an employee.
The clip, originally posted to TikTok in late January, shows the masked customer demanding to know the worker’s name before walking behind the counter, ripping the employee’s mask off her face, and shoving her, ordering that she share her name. The TikTok user who posted the video claims the customer was angry over a mistake with her meal.
"Apparently this was over a breakfast burrito they forgot to put in," wrote TikTok user Deicy Cin the video’s caption, where she also dubbed the angry woman a "Karen."
The video begins with the customer standing at the counter, repeatedly demanding to know the female employee’s name. The employee responds by saying, "It’s not what you called me," at which point the customer calls the employee a derogatory name.
Viewers are now blasting the woman online, and many have sent words of support to the employee.
Sgt. Phil McMullin, a spokesperson for the Orange Police Department in California, has since confirmed the incident toNewsweek, but said that police arrived after the customer had already left.

WARNING: Footage contains profane language.

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