UPDATE: Super Bowl Streaker Bet Likely A Bunch Of B.S.

UPDATE: One former oddsmaker is saying this "bet" is a big fat made up lie and his case is quite compelling. READ HERE

What do they say, work smarter not harder? Well, not sure this was "smart", but apparently streaker guy made a bunch of money on a bet.

Ultimately, I guess I just wish I looked that good in a bright pink one piece, ya know?

Super Bowlstreaker Yuri Andrade has reportedly made $374,000 on a bet - after betting someone would streak during Sunday's game.
During the fourth quarter of Tampa Bay Buccaneers' victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, play came to a temporary stop.
A streaker had managed to make it onto the pitch with fans (and cardboard cutouts) across the stadium watching on in disbelief.
But Andrade may have pulled the heist of the century. On Twitter, a leaked DM conversation claims the 31-year-old had put a bet on himself and used a friend as a decoy.


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