Suzanne Somers' Facebook Live Video Interrupted by Home Intruder [VIDEO]

Well, yikes. This is scary. I have to say, I think she handled this pretty calmly and politely considering this person was on their property.

Just wow.

Suzanne Somers got quite the scare this week when her Facebook Live was interrupted by a home intruder, who turned out to be lost.

On Feb. 5, the Three's Company alum was filming a makeup video when a man entered her and husband Alan Hamel's Palm Springs, Calif. home. Somers and Hamel played it cool as they attempted to find out what the intruder wanted, as followers watched herFacebook Livein real time.

The man said that his friend dropped him off on the property. He then told Somers he was "terrified," and when she asked why, he responded, "I'm not even sure. There were ghosts following me."

Somers kept calm but was firm in telling the man that he had to leave their home immediately.

"You seem like a nice person," she said, "But I'm not used to having people on my property."

She also told him that she was in the middle of a "show," before looking at the camera with a wide-eyed expression—indicating to her audience that she was well aware this wasn't what they signed up for. 

UPDATE:On Sunday, Feb. 7, Suzanne Somers and her husband appeared on Good Morning Americaand said that the man, who was shirtless and wore flip-flops, was "very cooperative" when he was asked to leave. The actress said the police later arrived and reprimanded him.

"We jumped right in to crisis mode," she said, "and crisis mode for me is, I stay calm. I can handle everything."

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