SNL Musical Guest Phoebe Bridgers Destroys Set, Metaphorically & Literally

It's no secret what a fan I am of the artist Phoebe Bridgers. The first time I saw or even heard of her was when she was opening for her friend and mentor Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame, which I didn't even get to see since I was late getting to the show. But later in his set, Conor had this shy, slight girl, dressed in all black join him for a duet on 'Lua,' it was true love for me after that.

And now, two incredible, critically acclaimed albums later, she's found herself on the stage of Saturday Night Live. As much a of a thrilling ride it's been for a fan to watch her grow, I can't even imagine what it feels like to be her.

I think she gave us a glimpse though of the talented chaos that is her artistry with the end of her performance on 'I Know The End' where she destroys her guitar and amp after letting out a few angsty screams.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so happy for her to be getting such mainstream attention and accolades. She's certainly earned it.

You can watch both of her SNL performances below.

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