Hostess Is Bringing Back Cotton Candy Twinkies

Hostess never fails to bring us fun, colorful Twinkies, but has there ever been a flavor you wish they brought back? We’re getting a blast from the past — and by “past,” we mean 2017 — because it looks like the Cotton Candy flavor is coming back to the Twinkies lineup.

This Twinkies flavor features a golden sponge cake and that carnival-esque taste comes from the filling, which is a cotton candy cream. So when you sink your teeth into it, you’ll reveal the bright pink cream that looks like it belongs on a stick.

The 2017 packaging for the Cotton Candy Twinkies featured a striped tent and ferris wheel, so it was really embracing that carnival feel. This time around, however — and the reason we know that it’s coming back — is because now it has a more spring feel to it. The box has floral designs with butterflies, and says that it’s limited-edition, so we don’t expect it to be around long past Easter.

Now let’s talk about the timing of this relaunch, because we all know that’s what’s at the top of our minds. They were listed on King Soopers, a supermarket brand of Kroger, 3 days ago. This advanced listing leads us to believe that it’ll be at least a couple weeks before the real thing starts lining shelves, but we have hope that they’ll be out before the official start of spring.


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