This Chocolate Egg Has A Baby Yoda Treat Inside

Apparently, it's turned into "a thing" to "eat The Child"......with the obsession for Baby Yoda.....errrr Grogu, sorry hardcores.....with the obsession still going strong, people will take Baby Yoda in any form they can get Baby Yoda......sorry, I'm just not going to call him Grogu, that name is dumb and Baby Yoda is way more fun to say. Also, The Child is weird to me.

SO.....Baby Yoda it is.

ANYWAY, back on the train tracks......I've found what I HAVE to find for our Baby Yoda obsessed children ASAP.......

Baby Yoda mania is still going strong more than a year after the character was first introduced. The latest way you can eat The Child is through a treat that’s perfect for Easter: a milk chocolate egg with a marshmallow Baby Yoda inside of it.

The Mandalorian Egg-Shaped Magic Hot Chocolate Melt from Galerie Candy is very similar to a hot cocoa bomb—but without the hot chocolate mix. Made of milk chocolate, it’s meant to be dissolved in a cup of hot milk to reveal the green Baby Yoda marshmallow inside. While it’s intended use is to make hot chocolate, you can easily eat the Baby Yoda treat as is.


At 5.6 inches by 4.5 inches, the Baby Yoda chocolate melt weighs a little more than 2 ounces. Each egg costs $6 but is currently only available to add to your wishlist on the brand’s website. It’s unclear when they’ll officially be available to order, so it’s best to keep an eye on it. Easter falls on April 4 this year, so there’s plenty of time!

If you’re looking for other Baby Yoda-themed goodies to add to your Easter baskets, consider these fruit roll-ups and Baby Yoda ice molds. Or you can go all out for the occasion by making a Baby Yoda gingerbread sculpturepie, or cookies using this cutter. There are plenty of Baby Yoda-themed foods, recipes, and products to go around!

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